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This brilliant game mixes vertical scrolling shooting with a sort of Zelda-style mode where you wander around a labyrinth killing enemies, collecting chips, and buying upgrades. This has MANY levels and MANY bosses, so no way to show it all. Just play it on nesticle, but mind the flickering status bar...

Controls are simple. Press and hold B to fire your main gun, and A to fire your current special weapon. This uses chips when you do this. Both the main and special weapons rapid-fire (and you will NEED it). You can get chips by shooting a red-top pyramid on the landscape and flying over a red or blue "chip" icon. You also find hearts, which give you more energy for your shield, a tank, which totally fills you up, and later, enemy erasers when you've earned that powerup. Enemy erasers kill MOST enemies instantly, including some that take lots of shots to kill, but not bosses or some others. These are rare, though, so don't expect to find them in a flying sequence very often. Some are in the landscape, and others are dropped when you shoot a set number of enemies.

Cheers Chuck! Malky from SHMUPS here. Firstly, thanks to all those people introducing me to these NES shooters, like Zanac, Gun-nac and the enhanced Lifeforce. You know who you are! The NES was not a system I ever had, but I quite fancy trying to get one now! How about that for an example of roms reviving interest in dead systems eh? I'll bet theres a few people who'd like a real NeoGeo in the light of Gekko too...

Unfortunately Chuck had miles too many pics to send easily, so I'm playing it through to get some grabs myself. And having great fun at it too, it's amazing how playable it is! I'd no idea it even existed... the dual format game reminds me of Actraiser for some reason... this game should really be in a Showcase, no doubt about it. Except I don't yet have all the pics, so until then... :)

If anyone wants to try and get some of the missing ones themselves they'd be really welcome. It's like a puzzle this, fill in the missing blanks with the correct pic to go with the caption! :) What a bloody brilliant idea even if I say so myself!

Game: The Guardian Legend (96k)
Emulator: (197k) Bloodlust's Nesticle NES emulator (latest version will be always updated here, ok?)

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First is the approach to the base. You fly down a trench with top-down view with meteors flying everywhere. Every so often a meteor will circle around and drop about 20 others, and then they will all fly at you. You will also see some little satellite loking thingies to dodge.

Eventually it slows down, and ground-based guns start shooting you. you can shoot these bullets and the guns too. Eventually, you get to the boss, a bunch of guns. Kill-em.

You start here. Read the story, and go off in search of powerups, bosses, and pyramids to shoot.

(labyrinth pic 2) Here is one of many bosses. Note how the walls appear and block off your escape until you kill the boss. They are all about this size, and many are similar.

(labyrinth pic 3) Here is a shop. Buy stuff here. Red Lanterns up your chip max and Blue Lanterns up your life max (or was it the other way around???) There are many weapons. The following weapons come highly recomended. 1) Repeller (the thingie that spirals up the screen) This can score MANY hits on a boss.
2) Hyper Laser. This is a beam that shoots straight and passes theru nearly anything. doing heavy damage. great for some bosses.
3) Saber Laser. A light-saber. it hangs on the front of your ship and makes mincemeat of anything it touches. Good for many bosses.
4) Cutter Laser. Two sabers that stick out the side. Good for when you want to be at the side of the boss. :)
5) Enemy Eraser. This is a smart bomb that doesn't use chips. Comes in VERY handy in many places.
Others: Limited use. only good in a few cases. My recomendations are for flying levels. Some others work well in some situations in the labyrinth. Some just suck, tho. :)

(labyrinth pic 4) This is a corridor. Ones numbered 11 or above open by themselves. Ones numbered lower you have to do a special trick to open them. There are hints in some rooom on how to open troublesome corridors.

This is an early level. Note the aquatic theme, with fishies, seahorses, etc. In later ones they get faster...

Here is your first real boss. A Fleepa. don't let it bounce on you. Dodge and shoot its missiles. You will find more, but he doesn't get much tougher..

The hyper laser will make short work of this buster. just get right under it, stay low, and keep blasting you'll keep getting chips and hearts.

This is your first Optomon. Don't touch tendrils. Tendrils BAD. Suggest hyper laser or repeller. Did I say don't run into a tendril? Later Optomons have longer tendrils. ICK...

(green marine shot) Heres your next style of corridor. Again, enemies get faster in later ones. This still has a marine feel, but it also has meteors and spaceships.

He appears, fires missiles, and vanishes. Use the Cutter or saber laser to hurt him bad whe he appears. Repeat each time you find one.

Cutter Laser. Go to the side of it. Slice it up. :) Repeat next time you meet him.

Whee, another animal. Kill it. Saber laser it when it appears. the saber will also get his missiles.

(volcanic level) Now things get interesting... You have volcanoes spitting out TONS of rocks that take many shots to kill. Hopefully you've got lotsa enemy erasers? In the absence of those, use the saber or cutter laser to quickly take them out.

(flying small spaceshippy boss) This sucker can only be hurt when it stands still. Yup, you guessed it. Saber laser. :)

[Eyeball boss] Cutter laser him. Hopefully you won't die. :) You may want to try repeller too. You'll meet him again.

(Red bio corridor) Here you see a return to organic feel. New enemies make their appearance here.

(Eyeball gun boss) Repeller and saber recommended. Just hose him down.

Use repeller on this badass (which you should have powered to level 3) Fire it near the edge and the screen and move up inside to use it as a shield and get lotsa powerups. Next time it will scroll faster, so it will be harder to get powerups.

(desert corrdor) Oh no. MORE volcanoes. and you also get the goddam ice crystals again, and also some skulls and big ass floating heads. Use a mixture of enemy erasers, cutter and saber. Here you will have a boss review, where you meet a buncha bosses in a row for your last corridor.

(final corridor before and after) Now go back to that odd room that seems useless but has music like there used to be a corridor there. woah, now its a corridor! Here you will have a boss review, where you meet a buncha bosses in a row for your last corridor.

(final corridor) You've killed all those bosses, and the planet has blown up, so here's your trip home. Nothing much going on. Smooth sailing. Just a buncha meteors. If you don't know how to handle meteors by now, you should play another game. Still the music seems kinda spooky... But you shrug it off as the meteor storm ends...

Where the heck did this big boss with big claws come from!!! ACK! This was supposed to be my flight home! Well he's not so tough if you have the right weapon. Use Back Fire. Yes, that useless thingie that fires behind you to the side. It's moment has come! By staying high you avoid the claws and he won't go into the corner, so just stay high.

Wow, you won. You are given a secret password. This one lets you play a special version with JUST flying sequences. Now try and beat it without being able to build up between levels... :) don't worry, it will give you powerups as you beat levels. line.gif 0.1 K


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