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Complete preparation, and engage in combat.
After the testing completes, the radar detects enemy troops quickly
surrounding our secret base, and is conducting pre-combat maneuvers;
we need to retaliate swiftly and break the enemy's formation before
it is complete, and execute the emergency assault mission.

>> Some flying insect mecha things that want to kill me.


Aside from this main platform, this stage looks very much like DDP Stage 1.

>> Golden bees are just generic points in this game. Nothing special. Destroying things in a certain order can produce showers of bees. They rain out of the center of this comb usually.


<< More things that want to kill me. I kill them.


<< Patrol Bee: Deep Fear

Hey look it's the DDP Stage 1 boss with a few new tricks up his sleeve! He's less formidable than his predecessor.



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