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True culprit of the battle, and the true enemy mastermind.
Is it over? The end? We've triumphed, but still filled with doubts.
Is there another more powerful and insidious source of evil that lurks
behind the "Truth"?

>> Here he turns red (kinda like fire bee in DDP, but more mechanized) and gets all mean and nasty...well, more mean and more nasty, hehe. Those thin rings you see are the blast rings from some MEGA lazers.

After you beat this foolio you see a couple flashes of character art and thats about it. The universe can rest now(and so can Undamned, because this is)...THE END.



Ok, this is the end of the game (you have to get like 230,000,000 points to get here, if I remember right). There are a few swarms of little bee mecha and then...

Secret Bee: Unknown
(that's actually his name)

After seeing this boss, I was even more dissapointed that the game didn't have more new characters because this is just spectacular. All crappy photography aside, I hope you can see that ALOT is happening here.


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