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<< Here we have the ship that fires like \|/ using his happy disco smartbomb. Note the dancing people flying around the screen.

[ Wahey! Very James Bond!! - Felix the Cat ]

>> Here the game is trying to tell us that pressing A+B while pressing start will enable "Time Attack", where you play one level with infinite lives to try and get the most points possible.

<< And we're off! Here we see both types of shot powerups!

>> This enemy i just killed was worth 191 points because I had 191 dancing man icons at the time. And I'm collecting more dancing men icons so the other enemies will be worth MORE points. Also not the WARNING that a boss is approaching.

<< Here we have a poor defenseless powerup carrier.

[ And usually in some games they shoot at you - Felix the Cat ]

>> "Fever!" Must... get... dancing... men...

<< Here's my lock-on in action, killing missiles for points, and homing on the weak point of the giant plane.

>> Look, a boss! Those funky looking blades are my lock-on type powerful shot again, homing in on the boss at very rapid speed.

<< I smite the boss with happy disco power. And to think people make fun of disco. Don't dis it, man.
This ship must be piloted by the Spice Girls, as you can see the Girl Power at work.

>> He's almost dead. You can tell by the explosions and bullet spew. Well, that and his life bar is nearly gone. :)

<< This is only the first boss, and look at the bullets he sends out. It gets a LOT worse, believe me.

>> Look! I beat the first level without continuing! Note the dancing man and women and glitterball.

<< "Nooooo!!!!" GAME OVER (the game actually says "Noooo!")



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