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This is the last level of the game. You enter a mothership-like thing, and you get the chance to make your ultimate weapon-combo. Then, on to the final threat...

Here is the ship 'puking' us out. They inserted a retro-engine in the nose of the ship! So the level goes from right to left :P. There won't be any orbs here, so you better choose that weapon config of your dreams!

A robot? That's it? I think that Amiga shmups bosses are not really big, I never saw some more big than 3/4 of the screen tall, and 1/3 of the screen wide :( Platform games do have like that :(. Anyway, this one is a real tough one, he will make you move all over the screen at fast pace!

Does this guy never quit? Now he has a new outfit, and he teleports himself just when I'm shooting the heck outa him! Looserrrr. :). On the end, we face a weird Alien-throwing chute, and when we destroy that alien, is the end.... A pretty weird end, if you ask me... I'll tell you why...


...We arrive at the city, victorious, with the Prototype 2 at our possesion (one of our main goals). People cheer us up, and we go out of the ship and walk towards our (Ferrari?) sports car. Then....

...somebody out of the crowd, point at us with his bazooka!

(If you notice him at the previous shoot, he was not hiding it at all. Maybe it's common in the far future :)

He aims at our (Lambo?), and mercilessly shoots the hell outta us!!!...

...Then, this person (who the hell is he?) grins and the screen says THE END.

Bloody hell, what did I miss here? Help anybody?

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