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<< Stage 1: The Wild and Tank Filled Cliffs of Dover

This first part is almost silly. Loads of tanks being bombarded with relatively small green triangle shots by a helicopter... kind of reminds me of Fire Shark.

>> Gratuitous bomber shot. Lookie at those pretty green explosions!

[ Seriously devestating - Felix the Cat ]

<< First miniboss of the game, and already lots of pretty red bullets. nothing compared to the rest of the game, though....

[ This guy can still give you a run for your money if you don't have independantly controlled eyeballs - Felix the Cat ]

>> Suitably easy first stage boss. Just don't stop shooting (I did, reaching over to press F12), and don't get distracted by those nice red bullet spreads.

[ This guy is easy? If you don't mind dying then yes! If you're after the "no deaths" bonus then HELL NO! - Felix the Cat ]

Breeze into Level 2!


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