"The hangar scene". Just like all westerns have the "Clint Eastwood faces off with Gene Hackman" scene, all shooters have the "ship launching from the hangar" scene.

Weapons aren't much of a factor in this game, but the homing is cool when powered up.

Here's some level one action for ya, be sure to take out as many little enemies as you can, to build exp.

A mini boss, already? He eventually deteriorates after taking damage, you can see the changes after shooting for a while.

Level one's boss, hiding behind the clouds. Those twin chain guns are the only main problem for now…

He does open up and shoot a fireball at you too.

Along with results, the player gets to select a new weapon, or stick with the same if likeable. They should make a shooter where you create your own weapon…size, strength, attack pattern (hint…hint…)

Second level looks like it takes place over Atlantic City.

Out of nowhere, a huge battleship almost runs you over. Looks like your enemy is KAL, since that was on the level one boss too. Kal stands for Konami's Axelay-sequel Lacking, the evil forces that stopped Axelay 2.

Looks like the ship had a hitchhiker.

He's got a funky spreadshot, but treats us to a nice orange hue while getting shot.

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