Level 7 is very tricky, reminds me of R-Type level design. Stay on your toes, and expect to die a few times if you don't know the level already.

The pursuing fire got the huge "no" from a falling wall, good thing for you.

Certain times the ceiling drops, and the game scrolls down at lightning speed. stay low, then quickly switch to backshot. It will take a few tries to learn how to do it.

Looks like I got skewered...hit detection must be in the center of the ship.

ease off the trigger finger here, take out the walls then quickly get out of the way, unless you want a Down sandwich

(Hmmm yummy! - Akira)

The midboss has two forms, both basically the same. The second one has a huge center laser, so after these flames shoot, get out of the middle.

After finishing the main level, this "lavafall" will burn out the impurities (namely you). It took at least four deaths for me to remember this part (Actually I write notes on certain hard shooters...How pathetic I am...)

The boss takes up most of the screen and moves in a funky pattern. Stay at the very bottom for two sweeps, then dmove as he drops straight down. Then he vomits a pillar which shoots out missiles,when this stops, drop bombs in the mouth. The end.

Level eight spans several dimensions (like R-Type 3). Cool backgrounds, and lots of enemies.

I like this boss...starts out as a ball, then slides around like a Rubik's Cube and blasts away. When he does this second attack, here is a safe spot.

Hey Rog! You forgot to caption the Final Boss!
Well here it is, in all its glory. Looks fab isn't it? - Akira

After taking a beating, your mothership comes to the rescue and drags you home, and scalds you for being late for dinner. I would love to see a sequel for this game, bt by now the company has probably disbanded and works for Treasure or something, or lives in Mexico qith the team from Red. hey another contest! Track down the game designers......



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