See if you can spot the  blasted 'Medalion'. It's not as bad as it looks, though.Reflecting the blue rings before they spread out too much is a good idea.



The bullet spandrels are not fun- take my word for it. And then there are the straight lasers which seek you out-



Weather that and you run into the best action shot I've got for the boss. Time for a breather.



The 'wings' then extend, and, in addition to several turrets, you get little heads from both wings. These are the left wing's; the right wing's are similar but also include rounder ones. Not fun.



Bullet Froot Loops. Can things get any weirder?



Another classic action shot.



Almost a perfect heart pattern. the left wing nearly pulled it off too.


After the above attack, the gigantic ship disintegrates and Medalion goes bonkers, throwing out a mad cube to get you. My luck ran out shortly after this shot was taken.

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Actually, if you do make it past this bloke on one credit, you get to take on the guy behind all this. Unfortunately I didn't quite make it and he very nearly isn't worth it either.

But anyway - as you can see, Giga Wing certainly is no saved-by-the-gimmick shmup, but can easily hold its own against other, more canonical manic shmups. The Dreamcast version isn't too hard to get, so I suggest you do so if you own a Dreamcast. And go for the damn giga score.


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