The boss starts out with reflective satellites, then opens up with a full attack when they are destroyed. Stay out of the center, then move into the center (you'll know when you play him)

Now onto the fire-pyramid level. You can cross lava, but it hurts (duh...) and obviously targets are the pyramids.

I'm not used to volcanoes in top view... most of them are side view where you must dodge exploding rocks

What a surprise... pyramid boss.

Blow up each of the four sides, revealing...

...the snake boss that is in EVERY shooter ever made. I think even space invaders has a snake boss if you play long enough.

enjoy this level as much as you can because it will be your last! That's not a threat, this is really the last level...The thing in front of me is one target, the only one of its kind.

Here are what the others look like. Blow up each of the four arms, then take out the center.

I like this end boss... nice detail, and a kinda airbrush effect on the wrist shots

Take out the hands and arms, then deal with the center. He isn't too hard from what I remember...mechs can be intimidating, but sometimes can be pushovers (don't let him know I said that though...)

When I first read the ending, I thought it said "Leon lost his grandma" made me so sad, but then I wondered where she fit into the story?! Maybe made the tank for Leon, or acted as a mechanic. Best of luck taking on those mechanical baddies with your bare hands...hehehee...



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