A temple thing... not too exciting, but still dangerous. Watch out for busts that shoot, gargoyles that spit and swords that rain down from the ceiling and Casper the not-so-friendly ghost.

A not so exciting mid boss to go with the stage. Shoot the head to make it dead. Though it can catch you off Guard flying back onto the screen at break neck speeds.

(Mister Boa Constrictor strikes again - Akira)

Take out this furnace... with a face on it...though caution. Watch out for flames, watch out for those specks of smoke and watch out for bullets, all while trying to shoot that spot in its mouth.

Things look a bit interesting here, a bit more mechanical. Look out for strange fleshy machine things!

No face on it! Oh wait, its flanked by faces... dodge, dodge and dodge some more. Careful not to be taken out by a stray bullet after the mechanical thing is defeated

Ugh....that is nasty! So don't touch it, you don't know where it's been. Watch out for killer blood cells and a flailing heart, that is this nightmare's weakness.

(Right on! dinner time! - Akira)

Whoa... neat, flying inside something... gross. This stage looks much better in motion, it pulsates!

If one bullet is not enough, those blue ones split into smaller ones that fan out. Again, dodge and shoot that orb thing it holds.

Thought Stage 4 had a nasty boss, check this... drug- induced horror out! As always, dodge and go for the head.

This is the final stage, up in the clouds, complete with all the mid bosses to fight again! Who could ask for more!

Those marshmellow things are 'angel' seeking and there are a lot of them. Careful, ones that go off screen could just fly back in at you. This is where all your dodging skills come into play. Those things can be taken out, but they take a lot of hits.




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