I hate this section. The screen scrolls down, with ceiling hugger enemies just itching to blast you.
And this monstrosity lies at the bottom, showering you with love… ….bullets. Try to stay up top in the ceiling break.
Area 67…..does it really exist? Is it related to Area 88?

(What about Area 51...? Oh wait, that's about as real as Pamela Anderson's breasts... - Felix the Cat)
Ah, final level. This section has you square off against mostly larger battleships, with these purple things around for powerups.
A taste of each kind of battleship, each offering it's own brand of surprises.
Final boss! The guy you've trekked across the galaxy to face down! You can't shoot past the shield, so be creative and find another way to hit the head. He will extend the sword at you, which fires bullets up and down. Not so difficult if you can stay above him.

Ok, I'm trying to piece this ending together. Looks like after beating the last guardian, you move in to destroy the main computer (probably Deep Blue, the chess people got mad that it kept beating them). However, at the last second the engine fails, so the heroine decides to ram the ship into the core to save the day. The floating bow seems to say that the pilot is dead, and fortunately we won't see a Hellfire 2. Sad, sad ending to a sad, sad game.

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