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Level four is just cool. Difficult, but cool. Lots of mid-sized bases here, try to take them out quickly.

This boss rocks...the lasers come out and draw different patterns, with light shadings even..take out the guns first, then aim for the head. After beating him, the game asks you to switch disks. For those using FMSX-dos, hit control-F9 and read the instructions on how to change to disk 3 (disk 1 is the intro, disk 2 is levels 1-4, disk 3 is levels 5-8, and I donít know where the ending is..)

Now the sea is completely overrun with green crap, boy this computer is EVIL!

Where will the people get drinking water? What will the surfers do? And please think of the FISH!

This boss could be straight outta Thunderforce 4. Rotating shield and all.

Another cool level, the overrun city. Eyeballs abound! This game is really freaky if you think about it.

The boss is a kind of sunken dinosaur, and the snake is back! He swarms through the holes in the bottom. Ignore him though, and take out the head.

Level seven is a battleship level. The WHOLE level is the battleship, and this is the boss. Watch out for the side lasers...

Level eight pulls some nasty stuff, like closing lipstick cases.

(Lipsticks? You sure? errmmm - Akira)

Now fight two of the level one boss (donít worry, those arms donít hurt you).

The last boss has two options which shoot homing lasers, and a very fast eyeball shot. Keep moving side to side...

The boss freaks out when beaten, and that white shadowed figure is the final boss. He jumps and kicks about. Not difficult when you realize you are allowed to touch the background...

Like all Compile games, your score goes into the stratasphere when you win.

Here the game asks to switch disks again, and I tried one, thinking the ending is in with the intro, but I was wrong, and the game froze. So I didnít get to see the ending, which Iíll bet is good, so if I get the shots I will send them in. Anybody who knows which disk to use, please let the Shmups team know, also if you can get the stage select to work...

Thank you roggybaby!!! And... is the ending! (thanks to Alex Vormbrock for it!) - malc

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