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Yup, there's more versions of Parodius than the amount of continues I use in R-Type.

Age? Well, that's better than giving the blood type, like in street fighter. Old Vic is getting on a bit eh?

Same stuff, different system.

Still as wacked out, only it's all greeny-yellow coloured. Don't get caught playing this on the bus, or you'll get committed.

I happen to enjoy when different version change things, like level three here, but some people get mad and want literal translations. This reminds me of the crystal level in Gradius II.

The crystal boss plays like the brain in Salamander - zooming round the screen with stretched arms trying to grab you...

The rest of the game remains the same. Boo Hoo, I just love surprises.....

Hasn't the last octopus got one really short arm? Maybe I just shot it off. Did you know that an octopus is just as smart as a dog? Bit of a pain to take for a walk though.

Aw, the Gameboy team don't want to get left out either...


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