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From the opening intro, you can gauge the sillyness of this game....You just have to see to get the full experience, words do not do justice.

Not that you'd find any suitable words to describe this anyway.

Parodius offers a special option, which is a shorter form having the goal of scoring the most points.

(you might know that this is the Omake option, in the Japanese versions - useless fact fans!)

It can be boring at times and just go with the trusty Vic Viper...wait, I thought penguins couldn't fly!?

Each 'ship' (I use the term loosely) has a wider range of powerups than the Gradius games, and are fun to experiment with. Twin Bee's force field can come in quite handy for newbies.

(Which we're not. We're professionals, of course)

Auto powerup automatically gives you the feature when you get an option: 1=speed, 2=missile, three then given double.....I know what you're thinking, and you're right: avoid this and go with manual control. Otherwise you might get the game to play itself for you...

Level one has an ocean/pirate theme.

Not sure what flying chicks have to do with pirates though, but there you go.

After getting the right colored bell, you grow very large, and crush everyone and anything you touch.....(very cool feature). Be careful when you grow small again, as you'll be having so much fun you'll forget not to crash into things.

Get used to enemies like this......wierd that is. This "cat"tleship isn't very difficult. I like the penguins impaled on the crossbeams.

Perfectly permiate the pirate penguin's pathetic performance (phew!).

These clowns act a lot like the moai heads. Oh, no!!! Here's the big question: will we get moai heads in Parodius?? Hehehe.....

It almost makes me feel unpatriotic shooting this boss (being from the USA). Uncle sam, American pie, the eagle, 4th of the feathers and the ripple lazer he stole, and aim for the face.

This bird got roasted!

PCENGINE review Part 2 coming up now!


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