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The SNES intro is a little different.....recaps all the former Gradius games also.

(I don't remember the Salamander monster having such big eyes though?)

This is from the SNES special version....same shorter game done for score. And look! Female moai heads.

More people in bubbles....they must take bubble baths to stay clean.

Notice Konami reinventing the Zodiac here as well?

The end of the special stage.

This cannot possibly go with comment. I seriously doubt the sanity of the people who made this:

"Hmm, what'll we make the special stage ending, Yoko san?"

"respectfully suggest a giant purple penguin standing atop a bomb in space holding a big shiny sign?"

Whoh! What's this! A giant moai battleship.....This is a bonus level, I think. It never stays in the same order, but I still can't figure out how to get it.

Something the SNES version definately has over the PCE version.

The boss of Moai world spits out chess pieces at you.

Ha, ha Mr. Easter Island head, go back home.

Here's an extra level on the SNES version, the boss keeps blowing up as you shoot him (this is not Darius even though he's a fish).

(I wish Taito had made a Padarius series. That would have been great. Er, maybe - malc)

Octopii on the brain these guys. I love the little octiples!!

Oops, sorry mate, didn't know you were in the bathroom. He gets quite angry with you interrupting his hair washing so he blast lots of coloured bubbles at you (predictably!)


Depending on which character you use, the ending can be slightly different!

Well, at least it wasn't congratulations again, thanks for that Konami!


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