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For starters, the WR-01R is the most basic of all the ships, and very similar to the R-Gray 1 and Layer Section's RXR-010. It comes with twinshot as standard and upgradeable to a quite ranged wide-spread shot - not as wide as RayStorm's but wide enough to have good coverage. Also comes with 5 Lock On lasers as standard, which are upgradeable to 8 Lock Ons, and Hyper Laser is a multiple detonation bomb. Also comes with Round Divider as standard. Out of all 5 ships, this one would be the best for beginners, and in the hands of an expert it can cause some serious damage too. Also it's one of the best for racking up scores, as with only eight lockons it's multiple hit multiplier shoots up very quickly.

The Wave Rider 02R is very similar to the R-Gray 2 in play, and can be played in exactly the same way. It comes with a focused twin laser as standard, and it's sweep range and power is increased with powerups. It starts with 8 Lighning Laser Lcok-Ons as standard and can be upgraded to 16 Lock-Ons, and as long as you still have available locks, you can continue attacking enemies by establishing lock-ons. It's Hyper Laser is identical to the WR-01R - a miltiple detonation laser, and is used in exactly the same way. WR-02R also comes with the Round Divider bomb.
Playing as the WR-02R requires a change in tactics. Because of the main gun being a laser, you have to use it's sweep more effectively to destroy targets, and the Lock Ons are very weak on their own. Plus the multiple hit multiplier increments a lot slower than the WR-02R, making it harder to get higher scores. A ship for the intermediate players.

The WR-03 is a new ship in the series, and the ship that's most orientated to expert players. It's main shot is a very Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh-like splash of homing missiles that swarm their targets, but are very imprecise, and are only useful when fully powered up. WR-03 also comes with 12 standard Photon Torpedoes, which can be upgraded to 24 Lock Ons. WR-03 comes with Round Divider bomb as well. The one main difference with WR-03 is that you can fire lockons at a target almost indefinitely, and as long as you have lockons available, you can continue to do lockon damage. Another difference with WR-03 is the absence of a main Hyper Laser, which makes this ship seriously weakened. Also, your score multiplier continues until you run out of locks, and adds 1x to your multiplier for every photon chain you do, up to a maximum of 255x (for example, a photon chain of 25 gives you a 25x, a photon chain of 100 gives you a 100x and so on). If can score high, but only if you keep your photon chain going.

RayStorm veterans will be most comfortable with the R-Gray 01 and in my opinion, it's the most powerful ship in the game. The main gun is the same as WR-01R's and so is the lock on lasers (5 to start, 8 at maximum). It's Hyper Laser though is a quick detonation area blast which can be used in rapid succession if you continue to lock on to one area of an enemy. The Special Attack is taken from RayStorm and is a giant area clearing explosion of blue laserbombs. R-Gray 01 definitely feels more powerful than any Wave Rider, for a start, it's Hyper Laser can be used in quick succession and does major damage when powered up, and it has the scoring abilities of the WR-01R. Also, the Special Attack of both R-Grays is the only bomb that can't be reflected back by Infinity (the last boss) making it an all round game clearing ship.

Another ship for RayStorm veterans, this one plays like the WR-02R. It comes with the same twin laser beam, and the same lock on system (8 lightning lasers upgradeable to 16 lockons). It's Hyper Laser is a Gravity Hole which can do major damage, but only in a small area, and the R-Gray 02 also comes with the complimentary RayStorm Special Attack. This one has all the same attributes of the WR-02R, includingthe very difficult scoring system and the lock on multitargeting system. Definitely a ship for experts, but one that would get more game clearances than the WR-02R...


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