Rayxanber 2 - Datawest

Rayxanber 2 - Weapons System

That red ship delivers a power up when shot.

The direction your weapons shoot depends on the direction the power up capsules face when you pick them up. A capsule facing the right gives you "forward fire," while one facing the left will cover your tail.

Right now, this power up will give you a vertically-firing ice storm gun.

A power up capsule that faces up or down will result in weapons that do the same.


BLUE (Ice Storm) - Bursts of four needles. Powered up: Eight-way burst

This is the blue weapon: ice storm. Ice storm powered up.

RED (Fire) - Rapid fire, but slow to start (only one shot on the screen at once, so don't miss). Powered up: Seeks enemies out (slow)

The red power up: fire.
Fire, powered up and looking for something to hit.

GREEN (Lightning) - Two wide, powerful lightning bolts. Powered up: Two spheres float above and below your ship. When you fire, each sphere makes a half-circle around your ship and winks out where the other sphere started.

This is the green power up: lightning..
And this is your green power-up on drugs.


Making use of the speed burst.

SPEED - There are no speed-ups, but the second button (well, button I) gives you a burst of speed to get out of tight situations, though the unit overheats if you use it for more than a second or two, meaning you have to wait for it to cool down before using it again (kind of the reverse of R-Type's plasma charge process). Because the burst of speed is so fast and though few shots are fired, dodging is often risky, especially when the screen is full of plodding, well-armored enemies.


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