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Fleshing out the package is the Battle Stage.

Many Japanese shmups include these, whether they are for competitions, or for personal hi-score pleasure is a moot point: They're great if you just fancy a quick blast of a game without going to the hassle of saving the entire universe.

The significance of that arrow didn't mean much to me. I was going that way anyway.

I'm using PC-Engine just now, you can see the tiny controllers which it uses as missiles.

If you play the 5-minute game, you'll get an extra bit of a stage tacked on after you destroy the first boss. Everything is timed and scored, so try and destroy all that appears.

All these blocks are shootable. It's pretty difficult to get them all without sufficient powerups, but doing so will reflect well on your final score.

Those Yo-Yo hands are a real pain in the bot.

At the end of the 2-minute game (or half-way through the 5 minute one, you get this terrifying tree attempting to blow you away with tender saplings.

The size and quality of the bosses is a little bit disappointing in Star Par, but in general the inventiveness makes up for that.




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