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The last levels in any game should always be the best. Star Parodier is no exception. It begins with a super shizzy fast scrolling section, in which it's VERY easy to die. You really must stick the speed up to full here, if you haven't done so already.

Cripes, even with full speed you'll be hard pressed not to get mashed.

Look how my life counter decreased by the next shot!

The secret here is to destroy the firepots first, which wasn't awfully obvious at first.

The run up to the final end boss looks simple enough, but it ain't. Blobs seep through the gratings to shoot at you, Large cannons are aimed in your general direction...

...and even the floortiles rip up and kamikaze your ship, just like in Gradius III

Eh, is THIS the end boss?? C'mon, you can't be serious. What a pushover...

... Hah! I spoke too soon! Even the brain looks cute in a sort of disgusting way.

Fight the brain for a while, and it'll disappear and...

...this huge mech will make your life a misery.

Hah! Sneaky brain was hiding in it all along! Now comes the hardest bit (quite properly) in the whole of StarPar.

I nearly lost all sixteen of my remaining lives here. The brain swings about a pulsing ball, and no matter where you try to hide or what strategies you come up with they won't work. It was a war or attrition to actually kill him!

If you know there's no way you will get the game, then it won't spoil it if you look at the END SEQUENCE!! will it??



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