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Level 5
This level appeared in Thunder Force 2. It has a rather nasty primary colors + olive green theme. Ground weapons will help.

There is a high-speed section to the level. STAY ON THE TOP!! Of course, the weird effect from the colors may bring on a seizure.

Um, this is the boss. It was also the boss of Ellis (the ice planet) level of TF3. Not too hard. Lancer or Hunter would be your best choice.

Level 6
This level is similar to Level 6 on TF3. This time, though, you have to actually shoot your way into the ship, back out, and then fight the boss.

These gun turrets are pesky - they come back when you kill 'em

This is the mid-level boss. I think that it might have been the Level 6 boss of TF3 (although TF3 actually took you all the way around the ship before allowing you to enter). It's simple to beat. Just zip in and out between the lasers that it shoots and avoid the boss's support fire at the same time. :)

The level boss. It's weaponry is vaguely similar to the final boss of TF3, although it's attack is different (and it's easier to beat, too). Dodge everything you can and try to get some lucky shots.

Level 7
Level 7 is identical to Level 7 of TF3. Graphically, it is the best level in the game. Note the blue (S) power-up - it's the shield. If you think it's a Saber, you may or may not be pleasantly surprised.

Level 7 can get a bit cramped - having the ground weapon will help immeasurable. WaveGun: Oops. This would be the last of your five weapons - the Wave gun. it goes through walls, etc. Weak against most bosses, but nice for clearing out the levels.

Level 8... eh....

The rest of my pictures, uh, don't seem to exist. Sorry, I didn't mean to pull a GamePro/Nintendo Power on you. For level 7, just watch out for the "gates" that come down and just let you through. One of them won't. The "barrier-wall" mid-level boss isn't hard if you are patient and play defensively. The level boss is another barrier wall except that it has 4 boxes that occupy most of the screen and try to crush you. Again, play defensively. You can tell which way the boxes will move by looking at which arrow lights up in each (If I'd only noticed this way back when I used to play TF3).

Level 8 isn't too long, although it's longer (and different) than the last level of TF3. The final boss isn't too memorable, although it can get a bit tricky. Have lots of power-ups and a few extra lives (real useful stuff, these hints).


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