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Since you're probably interested: Thunder Spirits allows you to collect up to 5 weapons. You will always have low power frontal and frontal/rear guns.

(Here's the impressive wave shot in action, powered up with claws) 
The frontal gun can become a large laser by picking up a (L).
The frontal/rear gun will become a rear/frontal gun if you can find the (S).
A wave gun will be the result of (W).
A homing gun the result of (H).
(F) will get you a ground missile weapon. Don't underestimate its usefulness.
The power-up that looks like a little metallic drone of some sort denotes a set of Claws - they rotate clockwise around your ship and can block some enemy shots. Each claw also has 1/3 - the power of your ship.

A blue (S) (the other lettered power-ups are red) denotes a shield. When you die, you will lose any claws that you may have, as well as the weapon that you were using at the time of your demise. Losing (L) or (S) will result in your return to the lower-powered weapon that you started the game with.

Additionally, there are 1-ups - signified by a miniature ship. Oh, and ship speed is variable - there are 4 stops from really slow to really quick - 3/4 seems to be the best choice for most of the game.



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