It's small, but it's the boss. I suggest going after the bomb carrier things.

Finally, we arrive at "the city". The same planes used in the desert are of course used here...

The miniboss of the day is... lots and lots of big planes like this one!

We head in to the clouds...and end up in the desert! What is this world coming to?

Is it just me, or does this place remind you of the missile silo earlier? Spooktastic.

Ahhh the all time final destructo boss of Doom(R)!

Well, it's just a big plane. But it's harder than it looks.

"All passengers remaining, please evacuate to the escape pod of doom. Thank you, and enjoy your flight."

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The lame ending. Oh man, this is a bad one. No THE END or credits of anything. I guess they figured the Hard Desiger got enough credit already...

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