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Greetings TGL(c) otaku! I am the author and artist behind this fanzine called THE GUARDIAN LEGENDS which poses as a prequel and sequel to the TGL game for the NES made a few years ago. “The Guardian Legend Shrine” owner, Chris Emirzian, helped me with the story for this fanzine which I have tried to preserve. On another note the reader must be warned of the violence and nudity present in this series. There are some people who die in different ways but I take great care not to drown victims in pools of blood. I do not buy comics because they contain bits of blood and nudity, but for the artwork and story. Some nudity may be present. However if I draw a naked female, I will use zero detail on the body parts because I do not focus on sex in my drawings. That offends me. Everything will be done in good taste. I would advise an audience of 13+ to view this fanzine to avoid uncomfortable situations of younger audiences with this material. My name is Kalani Cooper and I am Part Hawaiian. I am a senior in high school with 17 yrs to my name and have 25 anime videos. In about 2 months I will be 18! I love anime and manga as you can see! If you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints (constructive only. Others will be ignored! Please feel free to e-mail me at Kalani_&_Kaimi@operamail.com. I am excited about this fanzine. I have been cultivating a story and character sketches for about 3 years now. (Actually, it has taken that long to come up with a good story and character sketches.) It is still in the experimental state in some areas, but I think you will find it satisfactory. Please send me TGL fan stuff to post in this fanzine for others to enjoy and see your talents as well as love for TGL! The caption for this work, THE GUARDIAN LEGENDS is RELIVE THE LEGEND! To all you TGL otaku out there.......Over and out! ^-^!

Kalani Cooper

*THE GUARDIAN LEGENDS belongs to Kalani Cooper.
THE GUARDIAN LEGEND belongs to Compile, Broderbund, and Irem.
THE GUARDIAN LEGEND SHRINE belongs to Chris Emirzian.

All pages are 560x730 at 90% JPG compression. Total size is 1.22MB

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More to come soon :)

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