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Having fried food in an airplane can be dangerous, I hear. All that grease can clog the instruments and blur the windshield.

[ So the deal with airplane food anyways? It tastes like rubber, looks like gelatin and smells like shoe polish... - Felix the Cat ]

It's a rumble in the jungle! (And man did that sound corny)

If there are gun turrets in the oil pipe, where does the oil go?

For some reason this tank seems to have way more detail then most of the other enemies, yet it's just about the same size.... Can't tell here, though. It's flashing. Weird.

Don't I know you from Aero Fighters 1?

[ Maybe - Felix the Cat ]

A shot of Spanky's bomb. Two tidal waves spread out from the epicenter, and do lots of damage. Kind of worthless on some enemies, though.

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