(Postman captioning those screenies)

An introduction to some of the ships... I like the design of the blue ship, this is the one that has a shield as the breaker. I wish all games had the same detail and time put into them as BS.

The good old NeoGeo "how to play" section. I like watching the little joystick and buttons play by themselves, like one of the old time pianos. The game does a "sign language" type explanation of how to use the weapons system.

Here, on the selection screen, find out offensive vs. defensive power, and speed of the ship. Notice the Pulstar ship, DINO 246... there is also a second one very similar to it.

(Yeah, that similar ship is, if I'm correct, the ship of Kaoru's sister - Akira)

Stage one, GRAND SHELL, New Mexico, U.S.A. You can almost see the line of people buying tickets to the site where the aliens were supposed to have landed. Must have something to do with that huge crater.

A blatant restatement of the obvious here... See what I mean about annoying text?

What a monster of a first boss. He really tears up the forest backing away from you. You can take out several sections or just go straight for the kill. Still pictures can't do this game justice... (and I don't know how to do animations).

Even though there is a boss timer, reaching zero will only result in lost points. Here are the results for the level, along with your grades. Your homework: describe in 100 words or less how badly you just kicked this guy's metal can.

They just had to drop names of other shooters... maybe a hidden rendered version of Nemesis somewhere? NOT!

A beautiful level two space station background. I would really love to see more games done in this style...even a third Pulstar, or remakes of older shooters.

Here's the level two boss catching a peek at you, about to charge in for the attack. If he's this mean from the back...

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