He's got more forms of attacking than R-Type Delta's got polygons. Watch out for the tail, and when he does this...

After an AWESOMELY smooth transformation, take on this vessel, then the final form bounces around the screen, reminding me of a souped-up game of pong.

I hope you're having as much fun reading this as I did reviewing it! BS falls into the category of "I can pick this game up at any time and always be in the mood to blow through it because it's not too long and not too challenging.", much like the Nes version of Contra.

This game is so detailed, it's hard to see when the backgrounds end and the foregrounds begin!

Here, fight a two sided attack while falling down a tunnel. Hit detection in BS is very much on your side, which is a good thing, since screens are chocked full o bullets.

The second half of the boss takes place while descending into a planet's atmosphere. Hope the wreckage doesn't fall on uncle Chuck's trailer.

(Look at all those bullets. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! - Akira)

The hollow street? OK, now the wording gets kinda weird.

Why snakes? Why doesn't every shooter have a lion, or a groundhog?!

This boss is very fast, and disappears only to jet back into the screen and try to crush you.

He transforms a lot too, but that process is neat to watch.

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