And the main bridge of the battleship, which is no slouch on the firepower.

This background is really, really weird. The green coloring and large amount of movement can freak you out. By the way, the music in BS is no slouch either. Kinda peppy dance type stuff, but very well done.

"Don't be panic?" Well, it is after all only a baby...

Ack! A problem child... Expect to die a lot at this boss... He's a very advanced toddler.

This background is hypnotic! You have to see it... the baby grows guns too... feeling sleepy...must pay $300 for NeoGeo games...that's not too much at all...

The final form...don't ask! You WILL die a lot here. Gradius should take a lesson from these end bosses.

(Damn, this kid has more genetic troubles than Tetsuo - Akira)

If you can make any sense of this at all, it kinda explains the plot.

Here are the stats for the whole game. I really can't decide if I would choose this over Pulstar. Pulstar is better graphically, but much harder. BS is a breeze with the free continue.

In the Pulstar/Blazing Star series, even the game over screen is worthy of attention. After all is said and done, play this game! Excellent job, Yumekobo



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