Criff...Couldn't find that in the dictionary...but it does belong to the guardian.

(Criff : 1. Complete SNKglish nonsense. Could also be the act of mixing a hihat crash and a guitar riff. Very famous among SNK land musos. - Akira)

Level five, a.k.a. the water level, has lots of aquatic enemies. The actual stages aren't too bad, it's the boss fights that make you loose lives.

Another attempt at English, only to again fall short. I miss the 10 word titles that most Japanese games or anime has, like : SUPER WARRIER MECHADESTROYING HERO BLAZING STAR.

(How about Mega Crushing Hamster-sim Blazing Star Gaiden? - Akira)

This boss is great... The plane form flys up and down through the screen, only latching to the ceiling now and then to reveal arm lasers.

The word "danger" appears wherever the jet is about to appear, because it moves too fast for you to react without a warning. This game must have made lots of money in the arcades, the way I'm dying left and right...

Just this and one more level to go

(Wicked - Akira)

Here's the maze: I'm about to get clobbered by this hand-gripper thing. After that, huge fans rotate leaving just enough room for you to get by.

I got lost somewhere in that beam... one quote says it all: "Are you serious?" But I'm a "poor player!"

(Nothing like good ole sarcasm! -Akira)

Guess what, these are the little ships! I have yet to destroy one, so I don't know if they take a tremendous amount of hits or are just invincible. The large red thing that toasted me is the boss.

Here's the bottom of the boss, a tribute to the classic level three in R-Type.

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