This is the nifty briefing screen. Or in other words, a place for the main character to pontificate on the meaning of death and war while mumbling about what you need to do. In this mission you need to destroy the power core for a new battleship. Shmup cliche #314..

The captain failed his parallel parking test, so he thinks it's a good idea to just crash the ship into the colony. Apparently he missed the class on explosive decompression. anything.

These walkers have shields..and that's it. Really. They don't attack, they just back away slowly hoping their shields will deter you. Break out your steel knuckles if you feel like it.

And here's the aformentioned Rocket, punch in action. Wow. Fun in the first level to pummel things with, then pretty much completely useless afterwards.

Here's the goods--your vulcan cannon spews death and shells everywhere. Accuracy? About that of a fire hose. Fun to use? You betcha.

The jump-pack in action. Note the dust kicked up behind you--another one of the nice little touches in the game.

The dash move. Also kicks up some dust. Oddly enough, you can trigger it either by pushing A or double-tapping.

Ah, here's the nasty! In actuality, the core doesn't attack--only the two guns mounted on cables do. You can shoot them off, but another one drops out in a few seconds. Concentrate your fire on the core and..

Kabooom! Hey, wait, if it's going down fast in flames..

Zowie! I didn't know exploding power cores could convienently carve large escape holes for you! And at the small price of the death of everyone in the colony, what a bargain!

It's off to the next level for you before the Axis comes at you with insurance forms!

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