Here's where Cybernator shows off its shmups heritage, as you blast off with a rocket pack into an asteroid field.

You're attacked by Axis units and defense satellites. Bog-standard stuff, just don't get trapped behind a big asteroid.

You can hit the smaller asteroids, but you'll take damage. Shoot them instead.

The orange thingy is a proximity mine, easy to trick. Get the item-box next to it.

Here you'll get your first supplemental weapon, missiles. They have limited ammo, so don't waste them.

There are also a few defense guns mounted on cables and asteroids. Annoying little things, especially since you can't use the shield in mid-flight.

When you pause, you also get a small little automap. Not terribly useful in most stages. Note the plasma shot near the bottom, why are most of these guns pointing at rock?

Code name for "big mecha with asteroid guns". Or something.

Occasionally the operator calls in with such useful information as "You're about to die!" I guess she doesn't have any games installed in her console.

And it's on to the next level.



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