We'll always have peace after the end of every shmup. Or at least until the creators make a sequel.

Get used to guarding, shooting, stepping, guarding, because you'll be doing it nonstop until the last section. This is the enemy capital, by the way. Looks more like New York on New Year's Eve, if you ask me.

Even the jeep troops get to pack really big guns. Depressing. Especially because there's a lot more of them.

Bang-up parking job this guy did...

Break into the assembly hall and your arch-nemesis confronts you..again. This time he's got a nasty cannon as well as a jump-kick, but since your booster pack is now unlimited, he's passable.

After you destroy him, aircars try to stop you on your way down the hall. This part has some annoying jumps while you're auto scrolling, so don't miss them.

A weirdly modified Hoover vacuum cleaner attempts to stop you...

..but nothing beats the last boss! OK, so size does matter in this case.

Trying to give some sense of scale, this guy is BIG! It makes me wonder why the bad guys don't send these things off instead of keeping them around at base..sheesh.



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