Ho-hum, entering level 6, my least favorite level.

For the first part, you basically have to blow up several of these planes. They drop grenades if you're behind, and fire at you if you're in front. Not hard, but they suck valuable life away.

Once you destroy 3-4 of them, you'll end up at a hill. Guard against the annoying scout units that are hanging around.

..and enter the cave. For some inane reason, you only have your Vulcan and missiles while you're in here; the laser and punch are not selectable. Hey Konami, why allow avalanche-causing missiles and not a vaporizing laser cannon?

This mini-boss will frustrate you and cause headaches. Until you figure out that staying on top of the rock will prevent him from ever getting to you. Again, nice one Konami.

A bunch of these scout units are hanging around in the tunnel. If you attack, they try to get close to you, resulting in frustration as they become almost impossible to hit.

At the very bottom of these depths lies...a rabbit. "That's now ooorrdinarry raabbit!"

Running into machinery, you don't want to step on these metallic Metroid-lookalikes. They go boom.

It's hard to see in this shot, but you get chased by a mechanical driller. Don't let him catch you..

Hey, you've found the antiaircraft guns! Better see where they're heading..

Oops. Looks like the boss isn't too happy with you. Your shield won't stop his electrical ram attack, by the way..

And here he is in glorious side-view.

Send him down in flames! Also make sure to destroy all the guns to end the level.

Nothing on TV or the radar? What are we going to do for entertainment, then?

(May I suggest you going to the next level? - Akira)



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