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Invade border city in enemy base.
Fleeing solves nothing. Knowing this, we've decided to strike first
by aiming to the enemy's city border where they are assembled.
With an impenetrable defense, our only chance for invasion is to
incite disorder from the outside, luring the encamped enemy forces
away from the base.

>> Word.


This stage starts out looking like some sort of beachfront and then turns into somthing along the lines of DDP Stage 4.

>> Yeah, you heard me.


<< 4 honeycomb hotel, Bernard?

>> This is me dying.


<< Get DDP Stage 4-y wit it.

>> If you take too long to destroy a boss you get this. For those of you who cannot read the Japanese text, this says, "You Suck."



<< Crazy Bee: Snare

Hey look it's the DDP Stage X boss! This guy's name is fitting for what happens when you take out the front of his ship: he goes CRAZY!!! This dude must have some serious horsepower to throw his girth around like that. Here we finally experience some REAL twitch action!


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