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Liberate the biological combat units under enemy control.
Before we enter the base, our only chance for success rests on our ability
to disable the enemy arsenal first. With this idea in mind, we invaded
the enemy factories, engaged in ruthless destruction, when we learned the
shocking truth: the entirety of the mechanized fleet was derived from
biological beings back on Earth! (Woo!!)

>> Napalm tanks. Yes.


Hey look it's DDP Stage X (with all the teleport bees)!

>> Spot the bee transporter? The bee mecha that come out will rain golden bees on you.


<< DDP Flying wing with some new tricks.

>> Before you fight the real boss you take on this battle pod thing. Here is where IGS starts getting creative. Some cool tactics here. Recognise the giant ball attack from DDP boss X?


<< Yeah, dats me. We down with DDP. And you don't stop. And you don't stop. (sorry, I'm listening to rap right now)


<< Armed Bee: Panic

The battle pod joins another ship to become...the ABDOMEN OF DOOM!!! This enemy is, as his name implies, armed to the gills. He be throwin' some nice attacks, no?




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