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Overture to the battle finale, defeat the enemy's chief.
Reaching the inside of the base, all the enemy's best are
gathered here, having gotten this far, we're no push-over either.
Come on! The Earth's peace rest within our hands

>> Uhm, yeah.


This level looks like your mom, pretty much.

>> Uhm, yeah, that'd be great. Did I fail to mention there are some insect mecha in this game?


<< Did you get that memo about the TPS cover sheets?

>> I was getting ready to be very disapointed when the boss came out of this telaporter like in DDP, but it's just kinda there to fake you out or something because nothing ever comes out after all. IGS, yo so sneaky!


<< There's a cool little spider mecha in this web when you first approach. I must have already killed him. Or more like he killed me.


<< Matrix Bee: Deep Blue

This dude is bad action. He's got these crazy lighting whip things he charges and then lashes out at you and all sorts of other fun. Very cool boss.

Upon beating this thing you are confronted by a "The End...?" screen and a picture of this bee thing (go figure) which implies that you suck and are lame for not doing somthing that would have let you truely finish the game....



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