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Level 2 seems very familiar to me. Where did I saw those teeth coming out of the background? No, it's not Salamander-inspired at all! :)

This seems to be the 'Organic Level' :) Those teeth (or something) coming from above and below, seem to remind me of other game, I can't remember which :) At least the guys surely have some good influences :)

You have to shoot those other teeth (are they teeth or what?) so they open, and you can pass. Be careful, as they close soon after! Gits!!

A Mid Boss. It throws fire and gives birth to some ugly aliens as itself. Just stay there and it won't be a prob. The difficult part is getting there, but not much...

Another Mid Boss. this throws some ugly weirdo things from behind his eyes, that home on you. You better be agile here, or you're dead. By the way, the emulator doesn't show your energy (at the top right corner) nor your score and lives number. So you'll have to guess or something like that!


It's really cool how some of the enemies bleed after you blew their head off :)

Here, you have to shoot the pesky alien-in-a-capsule that they put in your way. Meanwhile, the other alien happily shoots at you. Isn't he nice?

At last, we encounter the big ol' Boss. First, you have to blow his eye, so he stops firing that annoying laser at you. Then...

...Well, then get roasted by him, or blow his brains off!

I wonder why he left his brain so uncovered, you should be wearing a helmet, idiot. If you stay at that position, the Boss is no problem. After this, you can go to level 3!!



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