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This one looks like a rain forest, with just the perfect touch of hi-tech. Mushrooms and weird creatures fill this level.

Here are those mushrooms. then we have some weird substances falling from the roofs. shoot them and they'll be gone.

What do I see? My friend the 'blue orb' behind. In this level, you receive the ugly Prototype 2. Maybe you'll like it, I just don't.

There it is. Prototype 2 in action. I see it has more firepower than Proto 1, but it doesn't have as many weapons as the other. Is not that bad after all, but I still prefer the Proto 1.

I hate this gargoyle-thingy. You get in there, the fan below push you up, and you have to shoot the sick puppy!!.

Here he is no problem, because I can stay there, but later on, you get trapped with him, and you have to do some scary maneouvres to get rid of him.

Another one. This happens to be good after all. He shoots at you from all directions posible, so you have to maneouver very well.

You better get inside the blue orb previous to him, and make sure you have the speed booster developed for your use, otherwise, he will destroy you easily.

Here is the part I mentioned before. The frigging thing always make me bite the dust. Maybe you can kick his ass easily, but it's one thing that makes me lose most lives >:(

I'm getting tired of these mid-bosses. He has an Uzi or something like that, so he shoots fast, but is no prob at all.

Who's afraid of the big bad Boss? First he will shoot some energy beams at not a very fast pace...

...Then he will shoot straight bullets from his arms and mouth. You can get the grip of it easily.

Hey, I realised the bosses are not the most difficult part on the game, but the rest of the level is sometimes sick! Ok, get on to level 4!



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