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The OFFICIAL water level on D-Hero :) I think this is the one with the best colours on it. It should have been benefited from some waves-like effect.

When you start, all those little fishes follow you, silky smooth animations...

This is all fishy. I'm starting to think about Darius inspiration with all these aquatic creatures on the level :) The colours on the level are really well picked!

Is time for another Mid one... This sub will throw all kind of things at you, but is not a big deal...

This things look cool. But I think they will harm me. Yes, they were lethal to touch :P I'll shoot yo asses for being cool and deadly!!

This airdoor is very dangerous. When it opens, pressure sucks you to the other side, and if you are not careful with your maneouvres, you'll end up as grafitti on the wall...

... I told ya :P

This weird-looking sub is a tough one. Not only he fires things at you from everywhere, there are misile launch pads on the walls, that make your life even worse. After you shoot him for a while....

...he shows his real face. An ugly one, by the way. (hey, where am I? damn intermitent thing!) Don't worry, alien, I'm about to make your suffering end :)

Let's go to level 5, may he rest in peace :)



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