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<< Thanks to Joiro Hatagaya for this information, screens and captions!!

Ok, the good news first: You don't really have to get trough the first six levels with just one credit to access the second loop.

And now come the bad news: You have to get trough them with just one life.

There probably are other ways, like collecting all the golden wasps [the usual ones and the ones you must convert] on every level, or destroying all enemies on every level. Believe me, staying alive is easier than that. :)

So, what exactly happens when you get to the second loop? Well, let's just say, 80% of the time 80% of the screen is going to be filled with bullets. Seriously. YOU WILL DIE. A LOT. And then some more. When you finally get trough it you get another speech from the general. After that you get a white background for some 30 seconds [to take your heart pills and a deep breath, I suppose] and then this cute little wasp appears!

Bring it on motherfucker! I'm not afraid!

[ You ain't but I'm bricking myself :P - Felix the Cat ]

<< Note that the front claws have been blown off - that thing seems pissed now. Oh well, keep your finger on the trigger, rookie! [He did say that in Donpachi, right?]

[ I find it really strange in Donpachi how you could be at the very final boss in one credit and the guy STILL calls you a ROOKIE! - Felix the Cat ]
>> It actually did some special attacks before exploding, but I just thought that you'd like to find them out yourself. :p
Hint: wasps sting.
Right now you'd probably be thinking that this was one easy final boss - well, better stop thinking and prepare for the ultimate battle. :)

<< Yes, the wasp is not finished yet. This one actually looks a bit like the true final boss of Donpachi, only smaller [and MUCH, MUCH meaner as we'll soon find out]. Interesting isn't it? An already giant cybernetic wasp thingie wearing an enormous cybernetic wasp mecha suit. Or something like that... :p

[ Oh nooo! IT'S A GUNDAM!! - Felix the Cat ]

Here's an extreme close up of the wasp itself. Pretty cute huh? Who'd have thought that such a small animal can open such a HUGE can of whoop-ass? - Felix the Cat

>> Ahh, how cute:  this beastie has some 4 to 6 attack patterns, each using some different projectiles.

<< Eat this! Getting 13 hits on this sucker is actually pretty hard. [About now that enthusiastic shmup fan who was holding back yells at me: "USE THE BOMBS, DUMB ASS, USE THE BOMBS!"] Well, the bombs don't harm it. They do nullify the projectiles and give you some space to move, but this thing just puts up a shield and doesn't get a scratch.

>> Something tells me that now it's angry... Damn gorgeous effect though [gotta see that moving]. Note that I'm still quite alive and keep on firing at that thing. If I remember correctly I managed to bash the bomb key after hitting the screenshot one.:)

After that it doesn't really pull off anything funky [or maybe I just want to surprise you? }:)] so you just blast away until it's finished. Surely we are getting a fabulous ending for such a feat, right? Well, let's see:

<< Look, that's you! Nice goggles... I suppose they give you artificial "mad dodging skillz" needed to survive in this game. :)

Anyhow, seems pretty darn confined if you ask me - doesn't look like you can eject from this thing. :) Oh, well, this is the ending - this single picture and some Japanese text is all you get. GRRRR... Oh, well, the game was great fun so it's ok to get a lame ending. And after that you get the credits, which look kinda nice. And that's it.

Dododonpachi? Let's hope so.



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