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<< The general, in his one picture ending shot. You promptly get shoved back to the title screen after this. The only dissapointment in the entire game, but the rest was so much fun, you'll hardly notice!

[ Wish this game had a better ending though... - Felix the Cat ]

<< Many thanks to Alamone for sending me these pics of Dodonpachi's true last bosses! All we need now is the true ending screenies!

[ Although I still have no clue how you unlock the second loop of Dodonpachi (I believe that you have to get through to level 6 or further in one credit) it transpires that the true last bosses of the game are magnificently evil beasts, like this GIANT BEE here, spewing forth huge waves of nasty bullets. Makes me want to try to get better at the game, just to get to the second loop! - Felix the Cat ]

>> [ Although it looks quite easy to avoid (and very difficult to spot), the DEVIL'S HEAD is actually making me quite scared. How the Japanese gamers can actually last the whole two loops in one credit is beyond me, especially with huge clouds of bullets like this one coming every second. It's enough to make me drop the controller and run out of the house screaming... - Felix the Cat ]



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