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<< Stage 3: Skies of... Whatever.

[ Skies of Arcadia, Deeto? - Felix the Cat ]

This is almost the battleship level, but not quite. Make good use of those bombs--it's going to get a lot harder.

>> Here's a small battleship. You can blow it up by taking care of the bridge, unlike the ones in Dogyuun, which float dead in the air with a gash in the middle.

<< Geez, this game continues to impress me. Very pretty lasers, so pretty you almost can't believe that they'll kill you if you touch them.

[ Attacking you with the small candy of doom... - Felix the Cat ]

>> Pilot: Hey, you should cut down on your donuts, Dodonpachi boss!
Dodonpachi Boss: You think? Yeah, good idea. I'll turn over a new leaf, take over a whole new world with my lasers!
Pilot: Ok, but it'll be hard to do when you're a flaming wreck!
Dodonpachi Boss: Flaming wreck? What do ya mean by tha..... *Bursts into flames*

Yeehaaaaa! Level 4?


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