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<< Stage 4: Wrecked City

Not only are there cute little cars driving around on the highway, but you can blow 'em up, too! Geez...I love this game!

[ Getting the Londoners back for jamming the fucking roads - Felix the Cat ]

>> More Tanks! Attempt to block your way to a hot battle with the enemy!
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<< Around the halfway point of this stage, the game suddenly becomes way, WAY harder. Get ready to exercise those dodging and bombing skills!

[ And funnily enough, this is the exact spot where I die the very first time. It's SO arrgravating when you have no bombs coming into this level! - Felix the Cat ]

>> This guy starts rather tranquily, until the thought runs through your head.

[ What thought? - Felix the Cat ]


Now, to scream wildly onto Stage 5!
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[ Thanks for the help with the comments Deeto. - Felix the Cat ]


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