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<< Stage 6: Bowels of the ENEMY BASE!

Missle Turrets, Tanks, glass floors most likely filled with seductive amounts of jewlery.... the final stage awaits!

>>This part is straight out of Capcoms old shooter Exed Exes. Look at those honeycomb style glass floors!

<< The final boss, transforming into play in all it's hyper animation glory!

>> The final boss, pulling out everything it's got to kill one, simple little helicopter. Keep in mind, these bullets are moving really, REALLY fast.

[ It's funny how most bosses seem to unleash all hell on a small ship that had just wiped out the leader's entire army. Quite amusing really... - Felix the Cat ]

<< Pilot: N,Nothing I do harms this guy! How will I ever win?
Of course! The Ultimate Weapon!

Finally, after much time, (89 episodes, to be exact) the most evil enemy in the universe is finally defeated!!!! I wonder what kind of great ending I'll get....

[ A pants one...- Felix the Cat ]



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