A schematic blueprint of the flagship Eliminate Down, in case you want to build one for yourself (some assembly and 19,000 D batteries required)

Here's the minigame, reminds me of Memory where you flip the cards over. Hardcore shooter fans won't even bother looking at this since compared to the regular action, this is for RPG fans...

Level one, with your fleet helping out in the background. I talk much trash with my fleet to back me up... the "B" is a wonderful barrier (Yes! No one hit wonder shmup...) And those enemies encircle you and close in.

A cool rotating snake, similar in design to Pulstar, which uses 3-D effects in a 2-D environment (if that makes any sense).

Must be Armaggedon on Earth below, because the missiles are flying. Time to get on your knees and repent, if you haven't done so already.

Boss #1 has a shield of orbs that protect him, but he's very weak and will drop after a few good shots. He's a joke up until hard mode...

Skipped level two, nothing too exciting, must have dozed off at the throttle. here's the required Shmup battleship. Introduce it to all thre types of your weapons, finishing the job with the skull ip front.

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