Level three... That's not a searchlight announcing your arrival, take out these guns before they power up.

Alien heads that spit out twisting lasers ( la Raystorm). Your main enemies in ED seem to be of an alien race...where's Sigourney Weaver when you need her?

(Probably being cloned - Akira).

These gigantic statues climb out and harass the Down Eliminator but, by now, you should have the powered up front laser, recognized by the annoying "beep" sound.

Third boss has about five sections to it, take him out from top to bottom.

Level four, with a more "innard" look. Very R-Typical.

This midboss has quite a reach, keep your distance.

Those sections in the top and bottom are there for a reason, use them to hide!

Here's the part I keep forgetting about, until I did it so much I remember "I forget something here...", then remember not to forget about the snakes that pop out of nowhere (!?)

An armored robo-chicken, who wants to be an Elvis impersonator with the little curl streak in his hair.
Candidate for Parodius? Blast away at the armor to open up the center, then stay up top and shoot the arms one at a time until he's expired.

I hated this part... two trash compactors hog up the whole screen and do crazy things like shoot electricity. This is the "safe" spot, just stay back a little because an enemy comes out of the front. The debris won't hurt you (they said the same about the dentist needles...)

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