Level 5. Shoot these energy mirrors, and they'll give it back right to ya. Either avoid or aim low.

Midboss isn't difficult, just takes patience. You have to wait until he's behind, and use the arrow shot, or if you have the white front laser it goes through walls, which hits him.

The level changes halfway through, and you go vertical for the remainder. Bombs are the weapon of choice here.

Ugggg...reflective lasers! Think back to geometry and right angles...After the arms are blown off, he shoots an annoying sparkle shot that is difficult to see and chases you around the room.

At the beginning of level six, you get hammered. If you don't have power ups, good luck.

This was made up of spare parts to other bosses it looks like! If you can't kill it, eventually it will go away and cry because is so ugly.

The blue lines are new paths. Center gives you a barrier, and I think up gives a forward laser powerup and down gives you a headache. All lead to the same boss though.

A rebellious peanut butter and jelly sandwich, who refuses to be eaten anymore. No, a jello mold with a vengeance. I smell a contest: Identify this baddie, and win a Dreamcast, courtesy of Malcom :)

Look, your number one fan. Get up close to blast it, and you will also hit the enemies that come out.

I can see you!!!!! Take out the top and bottom ducts first, then the eye opens and goes ballistic. Good thing he's pretty weak... Dodge the giant shot, and move back parallel with the flame shot.

Level 7 and 8 this way!



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