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Just an average day in Nameless Japanese City, when enemy psychics attack and take people hostage. Better get ready to kick some ass, that's for sure...

>> And away we go! Kind of easy right now, as you can see from this boring screenshot. Those 'p's stand for "Power", so be sure to pick up a whole lotta them.

<< Just because you're fighting psychics doesn't mean they don't have any military influence. Getting an iota harder at a time.

>> Here's the first mini-boss, which teleports in all whizzy-like from off-screen. Watch out for those bullet-spreads, and be sure to actually kill the thing for loads of delicious points.

<< Time to get revenge on those bastards for terrorizing the townspeople earlier...

>>Our first psychic enemy, this guy's not too hard. He's got a pretty big life-bar, though.

<< A pretty cool spread shot in action, this game is not shy about wasting CPU power on bullets.

>> The between stage animation, which shows some imagery of the different characters in the game (from magazines and newspapers?), and then adds in some words from the hero himself. Apparently the teenager isn't too sure about himself and his powers......

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