The first level takes place in a city. Notice the radar to the right - your targets here are the square brownish-looking, tank-producing machines. The tank's got a stong shield, but you'd be surprised how quick enemies take their toll on you.

Here the two giant scrolls, angry at the current level of electronics forcing them out of a job, try to vent their anger by crushing you.

Save the bottom right targets for last, because that is where this boss was hiding out. It jumps up then tries to crush you. Use the more powerful cannon shot on large enemies, and the small rapid fire on anything weak.

The second level takes place on a Blackbird, and you have to destroy the engines.

And yes, if you are too close to the edge, BBBBBYYYYYYEEEEE! The cannon shot hasa recoil, so be careful if using it by the edge.

Sir, please sit down and fasten te seat belt, we're landing soon... level two boss is simple, just shoot the eye when it opens. He'll chase you back down the plane though.

Level three, the torn down, beaten up, neglected post apocalyptic cytiscape that was once such a blooming metropolis.

Here your mission is to eliminate those star-like machines infesting the once peaceful city

It really gets stuffy inside a metal tank, when surrounded by a stream of flames

Level four commands you to sing and dance when the spotlight is on your vehicle. This level takes place in the desert, and is a pain since there are two planes which are accessed by steps only, which are hard to find. Your target: fellow tanks

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