The circular option, which spits out bullets all over the place.

I HATE this boss...the only way to attack is bouncing bullets off the side and behind him, which took me an hour to figure out. He still takes a lot of hits, and you need patience.

Level five is more linear, and you are taking out large unfriendly guns. It took a while o figure out you can touch the blue area too, but it's slippery as ice.

Surrounded...hope Granada has a full tank of gas, I'd hate to break down here.

One final installation before the boss...

Just waltz up behind this boss and blast away...not too brigt, this one.

Level six spirals in toward the center, and has only a boss that you need to destroy. But that doesn't mean the enemy isn't going to throw anything at you to stop you from getting there.

best take out on groups of guns from a distance and on diagonals.

The boss breaks up into three different sections, the final one going crazy and firing all kinds of whacky stuff at you...use small gun to clear the screen and barrel gun on the ship.

Level seven is a volcanic field, with circular speed guys as the target.


There's a better shot of one, bottom right hand corner.

More of level seven and the rest on page 3!



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